Gender Equality - Utopia?

If we will have the same rate of change, I will probably not live long enough to see equality between men and women achieved.

That is a hard one to accept, but nevertheless true. For 75 % of women to be in employment, it will take 30 years. For equal pay to be a reality, it will take 70 years. For housework to be equally shared, it will take 40 years.
(According to European Commission reports.)

There are many key factors, in order to speed up the rate of change. Some of these key factors are mainly the responsibility of Member States, at national level. This is for instance child care facilities, paid leave and supporting female entrepreneurs.

Then there are key factors that are best focused upon at corporate level. This is for instance:
- offering flexible working arrangements,
- adressing gender pay gap,
- changing gender imbalance on boards or in leadership positions.

This weekend we in Sweden have a fantastic and powerful conference, in the form of Nordic Forum 2014,, which is defined as New Action on Women's Rights.

This conference aims at agreeing on a final document, which will be given to the Nordic governments in June. This document can be found here (in Swedish):

We need to take control over the process! We cannot accept that each step towards genuine equality takes such a long time! There needs to be an Evelution: Leadership in Development!

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