Visar inlägg från 2017

Medicinsk cannabis

Medicinsk cannabis blir alltmer legaliserat. Nu snart kommer det troligtvis godkännas helt i Kalifornien. Cannabis har två effekter: THC skapar euforin CBD är smärtstillande Som all form av medicin finns det biverkningar och som med allt ska det aldrig överdrivas i intag. Men forskning pekar tydligt på den naturliga växtens effekter mot många olika sjukdomar.

To be BIG is to be SAFE

I listened a couple of days ago to John Assaraf about weight loss. It was blow minding! To gain weight can be in order to feel protected. Usually we don't mess with BIG animals... But most of us don't want to be heavily overweight! So how do we loose it? Well, First by thanking this extra weight, cause once upon a time it filled a purpose. And Second, working both with our conscious and our subconscious mind. Cause our brain doesn't really want change. Which is one reason why a lot of people gain back the weight they have lost. So consciously, with what we eat and how we live. And subconsciously with our self-image.  For inspiration, see for instance 

Blessed with love and care!

I am so happy to be so blessed! To celebrate my birthday my family and my friends all showed up, and we grilled good food in the park. Everybody happy and loving. And to memorate it all, my son used one of his gadgets and took a nice picture from heaven. :)

Writer's workshop and Time to Find Your Soul!

I have finally planned and prepared all for my new programme; a trip for participants who wants to develop themselves in writing - maybe even become an author! - and also find mindfullness in meditation, massage and much more - and all this in The Gambia! I am happy that my ideas has finally started "landed on the paper" and I know that all participants will have the time of their life!

Beautiul Gambia

Once again I had the good fortune to visit Gambia. I am truly blessed. Why is it that you can feel totally at home in a country far far away from where you were born?

Wonderful, wonderful Gambia!

Amazing adventures and amazing experiences! I am so blessed to have spent three weeks in Gambia, this wonderful country with lovely people. Smiling coast of Africa, they call this beautiful country. Wonderful beaches, fresh and tasty fruit and such remarkable food. Most of it we also prepare in Sweden, since we are a Swedish/Gambian household, but still it was so much more tasty in Gambia.